how to use plink for tunnels

if you are working in a censored/filtered network, or just feel insecure surfing pron at work, plink is a nice tool for you.

using plink you can create your own personal proxy. all you need is a ssh account somewhere on the net.

1. download plink(it is from the creators of putty)
2. write a batch file or just in a terminal:

plink -v -D -l sshlogin -pw sshpassword sshserver -P 22

(change sshlogin/sshpassword/sshserver to your needs.)
3. to use this tunnel in firefox, open it, go to preferences / connections / socks-host - enter and port 3388
4. you are now surfing over a ssh connection.

now firefox still uses the default dns server, which means, sites could still be censored, or someone could log your dns request. to change this (for firefox): enter as url: "about:config" , find "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns", change value to "true".