3ds max / mudflow normal map workflow

i use this for realtime graphics, so i am ignoring creation of displacement maps, just focus on normal map generation.

building basic model in 3dsmax

- build a model / use subdivision
- unwrap model for later normal map texture coordinates

importing model into mudbox

- export model from 3ds max as .obj file
- import model into mudbox
- subdivide (shift-d) to a higher level, e.g. level 3
- paint your stuff onto it.

getting your normal map into 3ds max

- choose utilities->texture baking
- select "low resolution mesh": "[modelname] level 0"
- select high resolution mesh: "[modelname] level [highest number]"
- activate "create normal map", choose filename
- deactivate "create displacement map"
- open advances settings
- enable smooth UV's
- choose preset "3dsmax"
- start map baking process
- switch to 3ds max
- open the material editor
- goto "maps"
- click "none" next to "bump"
- choose "normal bump"
- select your image file you exported from mudbox
- finished


this is the original version (~4000 faces) and the result after setting the normal map.
its far from being finished and the uvw map is really crappy, but you'll get the idea...

check the great mudbox tutorials at pixelcg.com/